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Preparing for a new day in leadership, finance, and innovation

Insights from our Futures Friday episode with experts in municipal finance and governance, government innovation, and foresight

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Insights from Chambers of Commerce for Brighter Futures

Lessons from chambers of commerce facing a triple challenge -- a pandemic, economic recession, and civil unrest

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Exploring Crypto’s Future Using VUCA Analysis

Introducing the VUCA approach and how you can use it to address the uncertainty that’s implicit in nearly every organization and community

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Local Government Futures: What do we have to get right?

What do local governments have to get right to create brighter futures for their communities?

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Hope as a Strategy

From our conversation with Australian futurist Rowena Morrow: What’s hope theory? How might we use it? How does it relate to strategic foresight?

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Why We Future This Way

Here are some of the shared principles we use in our work to tailor the strategic foresight process to each client while keeping it relevant, practical, engaging, and fun.

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Think like a Futurist: Understanding bias in futuring

Good futurists recognize their cognitive biases and work to overcome them. In this article, we go over examples and hacks.

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Getting through the ‘Messy Middle’

Tips for writing generative questions and a process for brainstorming and choosing a series of kick-ass projects like domino pieces to build a path to what's coming.

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Finding the way forward among alternative futures

In strategic foresight, “crossover levers" are strategies that allow us to shift from “What could happen?” to “What are you going to do about it?”

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From Idea to Impact with Strategic Doing

Six things to know about Strategic Doing

Use these key concepts for an action-oriented approach to strategy that focuses teams on ideas that have minimum startup costs and maximum impact.

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How to brainstorm brighter futures

Use this 5-step mental icebreaker game to stretch your imagination and create a more creative, flexible, curious, and futurist mindset.

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