The Future Is Yours To Create

Choose Your Own Adventure

Is Your Community Future Ready?

If my community/organization’s future was a movie, it would be…

How will you be casting your ballot in 2053?

What will be around your hometown in 2040?

What will be more valuable than money in 2060?

You care about the future. We love that about you.

We are the Rebecca Ryan Diva Squad, and our mission is to leave the world a better place for future generations. Enthused about strategic foresight, empowering communities, data driven trends, and having a BLAST at work. #thefutureisourstocreate

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Rebecca Ryan is a Human Spark Plug

Rebecca Ryan is a
"Human Spark Plug",
futurist and economist. Buckle up buttercup, this isn't your average keynote.

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Want to learn how to think, act and strategize like a Futurist? Good because we've got something for that.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Do you think like a Futurist?

My relationship with Siri/Alexa/my other fav AI is:

What’s for dinner at your place in 2050?

Which style will you be rocking in 2045?

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