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Is Your Housing Market Ready for Your Future?

One of the biggest problems facing many cities and towns is inadequate housing. This problem is most acute for seniors, veterans with disabilities, and low-income groups ...

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Five Weak Signals for 2023

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Exploring Crypto’s Future Using VUCA Analysis

Introducing the VUCA approach and how you can use it to address the uncertainty that’s implicit in nearly every organization and community

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The Strategy Paradox

Those who are paid to think strategically spend an average of just 90 seconds to 4.5 minutes per day doing so.

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How Ready Are YOU For These 5 Weak Signals?

Which of these weak signals are relevant to your community or organization? How ready are you to respond to them?

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What Is 'ESG' and Does it Matter to My Future?

How are you preparing to attract and leverage ESG criteria and investments?

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Walking our Talk: Exploring Market Opportunities à la Futurist

We pull the curtain back and share how we apply foresight internally

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Post traumatic growth: Four strategies after COVID19

COVID19 has traumatized many of us. In this article Dr. Charlie Grantham explains trauma, what the danger zone is, and four strategies to emerge stronger.

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