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What's the future of our regional economy in 20 years?

Client: Greater Omaha Chamber, Urban League of Nebraska, and United Way of the Midlands

Product: Greater Omaha 2040

How can our community attract and retain next-gen talent and families?

Client: St. Joseph Missouri Chamber of Commerce and United Way of Greater St. Joseph

Product: Imagine St. Joseph 2040

What's the future of our quality of life when we pass one million residents?

Client: Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce

Product: South Carolina Motor Fuel User Fee

How can higher education serve the public sector's future needs?

Client: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Government

Product: Center for Public Leadership in Governance

How will we serve the unbanked and underbanked in the next 8 years?

Client: Filene Institute

Product: The all-new i3

What is the future of local government in Wisconsin?

Client: Local Government Institute of Wisconsin and three grantee partnerships in Chippewa Valley, Sauk County, and Portage County

Product: Future Regions - an initiative to help local units of government collaborate on shared future issues

What's the future of public sector risk pooling?

Client: Association of Government Risk Pools (AGRiP)

Product: Framing the Future: A Guide to Strategic Foresight and Foresight Resources

What should local government pay attention to today, to be ready for what's coming?

Client: Alliance for Innovation

Product: The Next Big Things

How do we building housing for the next generation?

Client: Walton Development

Product: What do Future Residents Want?

Group of five women standing in a semi circle gathered around a large poster of a scenario

"Rebecca’s work exceeded our expectations to educate our members, engage them to be excited about a future-focused planning process, and lay a foundation for their pool-specific work at both a Board and staff level…. [She] is a skilled facilitator who is knowledgeable about the public sector, including risks and issues paramount to managing public resources. Rebecca is savvy in terms of the careful economic, political, and social balance at play in local government entities and pools. In my experience, Rebecca is not a “pro forma" facilitator – she isn't going to ask the same generic questions to a public entity pool that she would to a clothing retail business, or a gas production company. She has preferred facilitation methods and techniques, but Rebecca's strong familiarity with public sector clients, issues, and realities means that she can quickly get into the most meaningful conversations, adeptly sorting discussions into what matters and what doesn't.”

Group of six people standing in a semi circle working on a future scenario


The Futures Lab is a set of hands-on workshops that:

  • Prompt in-depth discussion about the data-based trends and projections happening in your community, your market, or with your clients.
  • Enable groups to think critically and creatively about "What-if" scenarios. WHAT IF we have (another) natural disaster? WHAT IF we experience growth? WHAT IF we watch and wait and do nothing?
  • Teach participants how to think like futurists, not historians, so they can plan a future that wants to emerge.
  • Create a realistic and ambitious vision for the long-range future, with a plan to enable it.
  • Start now, by forming short range, do'able projects that take us toward our vision but don't require anyone's money or permission.
Foresight lab

“The Lab was the linchpin collaborative experience in getting our business and elected leaders on the same page about overturning years of inaction in funding South Carolina’s highways and bridges. In one day, we determined the need for a $.25 increase and used that agreed-to funding bar as the private sector’s goal for increasing the state’s motor fuel user fee. The goal was aggressive and pro-active and resulted in a final legislative win of $.12 over a six year phase in period. Without the Lab, the aspirational funding goal would have never been set and the push for the legislative action crystallized. Now four years later, we have achieved the first step in the long-term funding of Greater Charleston and the state of South Carolina’s vital infrastructure."



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"Our organization has thoroughly enjoyed working with Rebecca Ryan and NEXT Generation Consulting. We began with the intent of revising our strategic plan to be more reflective of our desired future. Rebecca helped us recognize that our old strategic plan was rooted in the past, where as our future was dependent upon our looking forward with strategic foresight. As an organization, we have undertaken a systematic exploration of many of the trends affecting our industry, and our organization individually. This exploration has allowed us to identify plausible desired futures, and the sign posts along the way that will guide us toward our desired result. ​Rebecca's energetic and captivating delivery engaged members of our staff and our governing board as we worked through this process. I would highly recommend working with Rebecca and NEXT Generation Consulting to anyone looking toward the future of their organization."


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