The Strategy Paradox: Those who are paid to think strategically spend an average of just 90 seconds to 4.5 minutes per day doing so.

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Futures Friday Event Images3 FF Module 5 1 Futures Friday: You, Futurist + Foresight Module 5.1
Friday, December 17, 2021
12:00 to 1:00 PM Central (Chicago)

[ 5.1 ] Practice constructing framing questions with Strategic Doing to start taking action on major strategies.

[ Module 5 ] Doing: How to get to work on the future, starting today. When the plan is done, the real work starts. In this final module, we cover how you can use the Strategic Doing approach to start taking action on major strategies. We will practice constructing "framing questions" that will help you translate strategic directions into high-impact pilot projects. Such projects can help you immediately build momentum for the future and vision you have created.

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