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Change is hard. It often relies on guidance from you - forward-thinking leaders who light the way and keep people motivated. But even the most inspiring leaders can face moments of doubt and exhaustion.

In this 40-minute session, Kate Moreland and Rebecca Ryan will:

* Share their personal experiences with burnout and the boss blues

* Help you recognize the signs of languishing, burnout, or depression, and guide you on the next steps

* Explore the nuances of gender differences among leaders

* Offer strategies and insights to rejuvenate your passion and maintain momentum for impactful change.

We encourage audience engagement and interaction. Please note, to respect privacy and foster open dialogue, this session will not be recorded.

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Past Event:
Leading in the Year of the Dragon - Lessons from our 2024 Leadership Survey
Tuesday, February 20, 2024
12:00 to 1:00 PM Central (Chicago)

2024 is expected to be a year of disruption. Times of disruption favor leaders with a clear and relevant vision who are prepared to innovate and take bold action.

In this live event, economist and top-50 professional futurist Rebecca Ryan, APF and her colleague will discuss the threats and opportunities inherent in disruption, plus results of the 2024 Leadership Survey:

* What tailwinds are expected to accelerate progress?

* What headwinds are expected to impede progress?

* What weak signals - early change indicators - have leaders' attention now?

* What "black swans" - unexpected events - could significantly alter the trajectories of American businesses, communities, and nonprofits?

Panelists include:

* David G. Brown, award-winning Chamber executive, catalytic leader and community-builder

* Yasemin Arikan, MA, futurist and social scientist

All registrants will receive:

* 30-day access to the event recording

* A PDF of the report, "Now + Next: Leaders’ Optimism for the Near Term + Concerns About the Future"