The Future Is Yours To Create

Plan for Your Future, Not Your Past

You wouldn't drive your car across the country in reverse looking through your rearview mirror. But that’s what we do with our plans - we base them on the past instead of the future.

You need a better way to anticipate your future. You need Futurist Camp.

Dates for Futurist Camp 2018: August 13-16, 2018

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Futurist Camp

Camp Wandwega, Elkhorn WI

August 13 - August 16, 2018

Futurist Camp is a six month, all-access program that teaches you:

- the tools that professional futurists use to figure out the future
- how to develop a futurist’s mindset, so you can spot opportunities and threats that others miss
- how Fortune 500 companies, the military, the energy sector and entire countries use foresight to innovate and adapt
- how to apply foresight to your project or organization (a powerful alternative to “strategic plans”)
- how to facilitate a long-range foresight project with a broad stakeholder group
- why people are afraid of the future and how to make people comfortable using foresight
and more…

Futurist Camp is not lecture-based or theoretical. It’s applied, hands-on, learn-by-doing training. Your instructors include Fortune 500 leaders, professional futurists, subject matter experts, military personnel, and Rebecca Ryan.

Small print: Camp Wandawega is where Futurist Camp started. You sleep in a bunk house. You use camp showers and toilets. You have access to canoes, a private lake, archery, hatchets, tree houses and teepees. You eat at picnic tables and sit around bonfires. There will be bugs. And frogs. You have a chef who feeds you delicious, seasonal food, plus a signature cocktail each night.

By the Numbers:

24 attendees (max) - small enough to know everyone and big enough to have a range of experiences and diversity

12 foot high bonfires

9 amazing meals, locally-sourced and prepared on site

6 MONTHS of post-Camp education, including webinars, office hours and coaching

5 expert instructors, including Futurist Rebecca Ryan

4 days in the woods of Wisconsin diving deep into the art and science of foresight

1 epic workbook of materials, tools and resources

0 powerpoints, conference rooms or dried out bagels

Who Attends Futurist Camp? 

Past attendees have included Executive Directors of national nonprofits, city planners, CIOs, business leaders, design professionals, public health professionals, college professors, budget analysts, leadership and workforce development professionals, Chamber of Commerce directors, and City Administrators. Many of our attendees work closely with the public sector, economic or community development, and local government and hopefully you.

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Participation is limited, so sign up soon to secure your spot! 

Tuition: $4,000
includes all materials, lodging and meals plus six-months of post-camp instruction and coaching. You pay for your travel to/from Madison, Wisconsin. 

Are you early in your career or is tuition outside your means? Don’t let that stop you. There are select scholarship and volunteer opportunities.

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