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Futurist Camp

The Future Is Yours To Create


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"I had never used a tool like strategic foresight, and for me it was a game changer. I still long for more experiences like I had at Camp, with smart people, learning and working together."



Glad you asked.

Because everyone takes history classes ~ but no one takes futures classes. 

Because the world before COVID wasn't perfect ~ now is the time to work for an even brighter future.

Because 6 days with passionate and committed change-makers is food for your soul.


Here's what's on tap:

(1) How to think like a futurist

Everyone can learn to think like a futurist. But you have to practice. You don't go to the gym and crank out 50 pushups if you've never done a single one. You start small and you practice. Same with foresight. Every day and every week we'll practice thinking like a futurist. By the end of July, you'll be cranking.

(2) The four-phase Strategic Foresight process

Wait, there's a process for this? Yessirree Bob, there is! You'll learn Rebecca Ryan's four-phase foresight process (updated in 2020!) and how to apply it to nearly any wicked problem you can think of. (It's the process Mike Golat is talking about in his testimonial below.)

(3) Case studies: How foresight is used in the real world

Did you know that before COVID, there was a worldwide simulation that anticipated a global pandemic and played it through? It was called "Crimson Contagion" and it predicted many of the issues we're experiencing now. At Camp, you'll talk with futurists working in the public, private, and military sectors about how they apply foresight and what we can learn from their experiences.

(4) How to apply foresight to your issue, organization...or life!

What's your wicked problem? At Camp, you'll run it through the entire foresight process. You'll have opportunities to look at it from new angles, get Campers' input, and work directly with faculty so you start August with a clear sense of the future of your domain.  

(5) Strategic Doing

Foresight helps you craft an ambitious, long-range strategy. But how do you get there? Strategic Doing is a lightweight, durable process that helps you and your stakeholders identify do'able projects that don't require money or permission, and help you make progress towards your vision. Our clients love it! Futurist Yasemin Arikan will teach Campers how to use this agile, effective process.

Interested? Contact Lisa Loniello: ll@rebeccaryan.com

"The conversations were at a level that most people never have the opportunity to experience. From the content and camaraderie to the food and Camp environment, every single element of Futurist Camp is so much better than you expect."




Online camp has been redesigned top-to-bottom for maximum engagement, challenge, and fun!

  • In June, we send you a care package with your (giant) workbook, notebook, Camp swag, and other Camp goodies.
  • On June 30, we host an evening "bonfire" on Zoom so Campers, alum, and faculty can meet each other before Camp starts July 6.
  • You get matched with two Camp buddies. Think of them like your bunkmates. You can help wake each other up before Camp starts or text them during the week to check-in. You'll be matched based on professional or personal interests and personality style. 
  • We meet 6 times between July 6-31 for a total of 24 hours of instruction/workshops. Every meeting takes place from 8-Noon Central time. (See Schedule below.)
  • All meetings are live, not pre-recorded; you'll get the most from Camp when you interact with our faculty and your peers, but we'll record as many session as possible and make all recordings available to Campers. Some sessions cannot be recorded; we'll explain why at our bonfire.
  • Every day, you get a short email with an insightful or inspiring thought related to Camp.
  • Each week, you have one assignment to complete. Here's a sample of a short writing assignment: What are 2-3 signals you're noticing about the future of your chosen domain? How might these signals work - alone or together - to shape the future of your domain?  Assignments may take 15-30 minutes or several hours, depending on how much time and effort you put into them. You will submit your assignments online for faculty review.
  • Each Friday, several Campers will be asked to showcase a key insight from the previous session. The showcase schedule will be published in advance.


All sessions are live from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm Central Time (Chicago) See your time zone

Monday, July 6: 8:00 am - 12 Noon Central Time

Tuesday, July 7: 8:00 am - 12 Noon Central Time

Friday, July 10: 8:00 am - 12 Noon Central Time

Friday, July 17: 8:00 am - 12 Noon Central Time

Friday, July 24: 8:00 am - 12 Noon Central Time

Friday, July 31: 8:00 am - 12 Noon Central Time

Interested? Contact Lisa Loniello: ll@rebeccaryan.com


Yes, COVID is freaking people out.

Freaking out is not your only choice.

Attend Camp and learn the techniques that professional futurists use to anticipate and shape the future. 

We can come through this COVID crisis #betterthanbefore.

We face a choice: we can "snap back" to the way things were before COVID...but that's recycling a used future. What if we could invent a new future? It's possible.

In 2020, you can "do" Camp from the comfort and safety of your own home, office, backyard, or campsite.

All you need is an internet connection, audio and video capabilities, Zoom, and a willingness to work hard, think imaginatively, and support others who are doing the same.

You'll save money.

Comparable programs are $2,200 USD. Futurist Camp is just $995.

You'll learn techniques to stay calm and centered.

The world needs stable, clear leaders. You'll learn that and more (see the curriculum below) at Camp.

Interested? Contact Lisa Loniello: ll@rebeccaryan.com


We're still consulting of Camp Counselors so the kit won't be exactly as pictured.

"Camp was a pivotal point in my career, and I reflect on it often as a helpful intervention in my life at that time."



Past Campers' job titles

Executive Director, City Planner, Budget Analyst, Chief Information Officer, CEO, President, City Administrator, City Manager, City Councilor, Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer, Marketing Director, Social Media Director, Regional Director, Founder, Professor, Director of Innovation, Director of Strategy, Director of Membership, Communications Director, Economic Development Director

Organizations who've sent a Camper 

Alliance for Innovation, Arlington County VA, Association of Government Risk Pools (AGRiP), Charleston SC Chamber of Commerce, City of Altoona WI, City of Aspen CO, City of Beaufort SC, City of Bisbee AZ, City of Charleston WV, City of Kasson MN, City of Oconomowoc WI, City of Philadephia, City of San Mateo CA, City of Tacoma WA, Cricket Design Works, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Filene, Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Hennepin County MN, Ho-Chunk Nation, Johnson Foundation at Wingspread, Lawrence County TN Chamber of Commerce, Lifeline Foods, Madison College, Madison Gas & Electric, Mammoth HR, Maydm, National Association of Counties (NACO), New America Foundation, POLCO, San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce, Sauk County WI, Savannah Consulting, Shakefest, Stantec, SourceWell, St. Joseph MO Chamber of Commerce

Past faculty

Yasemin Arikan, futurist at NEXT Generation Consulting; Lauren Azar, former advisor to the Secretary of Energy at DOE; Matt Benson, Faurecia xWorks; Dr. Peter Bishop, Executive Director at Teach the Future and (ret) Director of the Strategic Foresight program at the University of Houston; Theresa Coleman, City Manager in Bisbee, AZ;  Janyce Fadden, co-author of Strategic DoingDr. Charlie Grantham, Co-Author and Co-Founder at Work The Future!, Today; Adam Lee, Incubator Director at Filene Research Institute; Rebecca Ryan, founder of Futurist Camp; Ben Thurgood, City of Tacoma; Freija vanDuijne, CEO of Future Motions, President of the Futures Society of the Netherlands; Dr. Virginia Whitelaw, author of The Zen Leader and President of the Institute for Zen Leadership

Interested? Contact Lisa Loniello: ll@rebeccaryan.com

"I have been able to apply the principles learned during Camp on a project here in the Chippewa Valley and I can tell you it works. In three meetings, using the process I learned at Camp, we were able to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders and come away with a very tangible plan for advancing and growing the region's creative economy. The process works, and it is fun."



1. Everyone is worried about the future. You can do better than that. You can approach the future like a futurist, with the techniques, knowledge, and connections to use this COVID disruption as a force for positive change and brighter futures.

2. Futurist Camp is not about theory; it's creating better futures. Starting now. Every session, you'll leave with a broader perspective, clearer foresight, and more confidence in your ability to build a brighter future. By July 31, you'll have a calm sense of clarity about the future you're creating, and how to execute it.

3. Everyone loves a bargain. Futurist Camp is the best deal available for live, online foresight training with real, working professional futurists. Yes, you can pay less for online training, but you'll get pre-recorded content and no instructor interaction. Plus, we offer a complete money-back guarantee: if you're not completely satisfied with your Camp experience, we'll refund every penny.

Participation is limited. 

Tuition is $995.

The possibilities are...endless.


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