Three Hacks for Accomplishing Big Things


This week, I’m finishing the workbook for our first Futurist Camp. Lord, it feels like a doozie. I would almost rather clean the floors with a toothbrush than finish this thing. (Cleaning is my favorite procrastination technique. What’s yours?)

Here are three hacks for accomplishing BIG tasks.

1. Ask, what’s your BIG VISION for the project?

What would OUTRAGEOUS SUCCESS look like, if this project went as well as you want it to? Spend a few minutes with pen and paper (screens don’t work as well) writing down your answer to that question. Your vision of success will probably be so compelling that you’ll get started! (And if your vision is NOT compelling, why are you doing this project?)

2.  Break the big verbs into small verbs

Here’s something on my To Do list right now: “Plan a wedding”.

That feels pretty big, right? That word “Plan” is a big verb because “planning” actually requires at least a dozen other, smaller steps. So if you’re looking at something big on your To Do list, break it down into smaller steps with smaller verbs like, “Post on Facebook asking for catering recommendations”. You will feel fantastic if you can get every small verb related to that big verb out of your head. GTD nerds call it The Brain Dump.

3. Try Pomodoro

This is a Silicon Valley hack: work full-on for a 20 minute “sprint” and then take a three minute break. Then another 20 minute sprint, then a break, etc. This is how I wrote the first draft of The Next Big Things in four days. Pomodoro One is a free app in the app store.

What are your hacks for playing BIG in the world?


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