Rob’s Question is Better Than Your Strategic Plan

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(Rob is the guy on the far right in the sweet Gary Fisher gear. Also pictured are Keenan Hock and Mike Palzkill, our amazing film guys. This photo was taken at our TEDx Beacon Street trip to Boston in 2015.)

Rob’s Question is Better Than Your Strategic Plan

A couple years ago when I was on the verge of losing my business (Hello, Recession!) my pal Rob Sax (who’s also an awesome video producer) said I should ask myself this question:

“If you were going into business against yourself, what would you do to kick your own ass?”

My list came easily:

  • Stop talking about generations; everyone’s doing that. It’s become a cluttered space.
  • Help people calm down about what’s happening in the economy; give them perspective and control.
  • Do something beyond HR, because no one cares about hiring and keeping great talent during a recession.

These last two are what led me to go back to school to learn how to study trends and be a futurist.

Rob’s question was awesome because it unlocked new possibilities. I would’ve NEVER gotten those answers if I’d done a strategic plan. This year’s strategic plan is built on what you did last year. No strategic plan ever eliminates a department or line of income. IMHO, strategic plans aren’t even strategic. They’re incremental. “Take everything we did last year and do it better-faster-cheaper.”

Take a look at your strategic plan. Anything in there that’s compelling? That’s truly visionary? That would attract the most talented people to come and work their faces off for you?

Rob’s question is better. So ask yourself, What are you going to do to kick your own ass?


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