Next Generation Southwest Louisiana

Our Responsibilities:

  • Intergenerational workshop
  • Quality of Life Handprint
  • Interviews with regional community leaders
  • Next Generation Community Plan

Southwest Louisiana stands on the brink of opportunity. Jobs are coming. Industry is coming. Development is coming. Over 40 billion dollars of it.

How can Southwest Louisiana leverage its new prosperity and maintain a high quality of life for all? 

How can Southwest Louisiana invite new voices – young professionals and their families, artists, entrepreneurs, and student leaders – to help transform the region into something even more special? How can Southwest Louisiana grow exponentially and remain a great place to live?

The Solution: A Quality of Life Plan

The Southwest Louisiana Alliance for Economic Development engaged Next Generation Consulting to design a Quality of Life Plan to ensure that Southwest Louisiana balances its economic development with maintaining a high quality of life for all. To achieve this, Next Generation:

  • Facilitated an intergenerational workshop with a 50/50 mix of established leaders and up-and-coming leaders, and identified 6 priorities to ensure a greater quality of life for all. Six taskforces were assembled to address each priority.
  • Ranked and compared Southwest Louisiana in 7 Quality of Life indexes. (See Figure 1 below). Comparison cities included Austin, Texas; Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas; Gulfport-Biloxi, Mississippi; Lafayette, Louisiana; and Mobile, Alabama.
  • Conducted in-depth interviews with the region’s economic, political, civic, education, and humanities leaders to learn about their wishes and concerns for the region.
  • Designed a regional Quality of Life Plan with five goals:
  1. Embed Quality of Life concepts, measures, and decisions into development decisions at the regional, parish, and municipal levels
  2. Develop vibrant retail districts throughout the region that feature things to do and buy after hours
  3. Help new employees and their families get settled in Southwest Louisiana
  4. Southwest Louisiana = Healthy and Sustainable
  5. Increase the job and entrepreneurial opportunities in Southwest Louisiana

The Results: Integrating Quality of Life into the way Southwest Louisiana Does Business

Since the release of the Quality of Life plan, the Alliance and its partners have:

  • Developed Action Teams for each of the five goal areas.
  • Enlisted the region’s Police Juries to map their goals against the Quality of Life plan

The Southwest Louisiana plan was released to the public in May 2013. Additional results will be available over time. To learn more about how NGC can help your city, please contact Rebecca Ryan at 888-922-9596 ext. 702 or

Figure 1: Southwest Louisiana’s Quality of Life Handprint compared to its peers:A spider diagram of Lake Charles Louisiana MSA versus peers in seven quality of life indexes