Pale, Male, and Stale-What We Have Here is a Severe Case of PMS


“We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”

Senator Lindsay Graham  (Republican, South Carolina) at the 2012 Republican National Convention

“We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.” – Senator Lindsay Graham  (Republican, South Carolina) at the 2012 Republican National Convention

Yup, the angry, tired, old white guys know the jig is up and they are no longer in control of the world. What’s worse, the poor scrum, their beliefs are a square wheel on the bus of progress, grossly out of alignment with “New America.” (Compared to “Traditional America,” AKA old white guy America.)

A little qualifier here before I really go off. Like Senator Graham, I am one of those older, white guys. I was brought up in the 60’s, did my warrior thing for eight years (special ops in Vietnam). I’m well educated—my wife says over educated. I’ve been through the military, academic, corporate and self-employed gigs.
So I’ve got the cred to bitch, scream and make my geezer compatriots just a tad uncomfortable.

<Reminder: This would be a good place to grab your adult beverage before reading on>

As a vet, I started wondering if the Petraeus matter was just a crisis of leadership epitomized by a whole string of dumb ass behavior in the military.

But there is nothing really new here. There have been sex scandals in and outside the military as long as there’s been sex.

Then I switched to thinking maybe it was just an unusual crop of tinfoil hats  and super dickweeds. (Contact me  for a “Dickweed Assessment Inventory.”)

But that didn’t quite get it either.

So, when I saw Sen. Graham’s quote, the light bulbs went on.

What is really happening is a very fundamental cultural shift.
It’s happening here, and in other places around the globe. The Arab Spring is still spreading. And I can see the outlines of massive demographic explosions in China  before the decade is out. But, alas, I’ll confine my rant to the US of A.

A few hundred years ago, the white man landed on the shores of North America. Then he (yes it was the “he’s”) commenced to conquering, destroying, killing and otherwise trashing everything he found in his way. “Uggh, me paleface, you injun. Bend over, I’ll drive” (Full disclosure, I’m also a goodly part Redman, 25% Cherokee).

That conquering-destroying-killing-trashing is what has ended. White, male, Calvinist power is gone, dudes.

[And just to get your blood pressure up, I may add that pre-historic, magical misogynic, racist theology is also is being dumped in the dustbin of history. Seems we’ve got our own brand of Taliban right here in River City. We need to bring back Sigmund the head dude, to look at this.]

And this is why there’s a shit storm of hysteria, bullying and not-so-subtle racism. Angry white men are going to go down fighting. Heads will explode with rage, denial and general evilness.

This narrowing demographic of late-middle-aged, white males really, really deep down inside know they have had more power than they deserved given the diversity of the US. (Hell, any man with a wife knows who the boss really is.) So now that it’s official, they predictably react with generous amounts of outward- directed hostility. They expound about the nastiness of risk taking, while couching their rhetoric in terms of “freedom.” (Is anyone else picking this up?)

But, freedom is exactly what they are afraid of. Because with freedom comes individual accountability and equitable distribution of power and status within the community. God forbid! (Pun intended.)

What to do? Nothing actually.

I think the recent electoral cycle was the passing of the center of the storm. It’s all downhill from here for Karl, Mitch, Grover, Paul, Jim and the rest of the 12 disciples. Anybody who has raised children has seen the “I’ll hold my breath until you give me what I want” behavior.

Boys, take your bat and ball and go home.

Game over, PMS’ers. Stick a fork in it. Done, fini, shut the front door.

As the wheel of life turns, what comes next?

[Editor lady tapping me on the shoulder again. Next time. But here’s a peek. It’s about equitable relationships, collaboration and mutual respect. Mom just told Dad to sit down and be quiet, she’s in charge now.]

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