Our Newsletter is Back, and Better Than Ever


Why are we doing email newsletters in 2016?


You’re the reason we’re doing email newsletters in 2016.

Because you need to be reminded that your work matters.

The future matters. Our kids matter.

You work your face off every day to make the world better for the next generation. You’re not alone. At least 2,500 of us are in your tribe, doing our part. 2,500 subscribers, who want, who need, to feel connected.

No, email can’t bring people together in the same way that tailgating does. For example, you’re not standing outside drinking a delicious Bloody Mary right now, are you? But what this email can do is help remind you why you do this work and why it matters.

So here’s our commitment to you: our email newsletters will not be long, boring or ugly.

You will chuckle.

Or get re-inspired.

Or have your brain bent a little.

Why? So you can keep pursuing your big, fantastic work and know that there’s a whole tribe behind you, screaming “Hallelujah!”

That’s why we’re still doing email newsletters.

Sign up by clicking here: https://confirmsubscription.com/h/y/96B092FF399371C7

With Love & a Kick in the Ass,

Rebecca, Lisa and Stephanie

P.S. Until next time, here’s Rebecca’s Bloody Mary Recipe. She was a little tipsy when she wrote it. Email her if you can’t read something: rr[at]nextgenerationconsulting[dot]com.


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