I believe in you


“I believe in you.”

I’ve been thinking about my dad Elmer today.

This morning I used his old tools to drill a few holes and brought back some sweet memories. Dad smelled like cherry tobacco. His hands were enormous. I could count on him for a lot of things, but the thing I miss most today is how he always believed in me. Dad only had a seventh grade education, he wasn’t book smart. But his love and support were deep enough to float in.

Dad's last birthday party

Dad’s last birthday party

It doesn’t matter how old we get. We need people who believe in us. I need ’em and you do, too.

Take a look around your life. Who is doubting herself or himself right now? Maybe they’re in a slump. Maybe they’re midway through a life transition and their daily routine is ass-over-tea-kettle. Maybe it’s been raining all week and they’re just not feeling themselves.

Can you find this person and be the one who says, “I believe in you”?

We all need people who have our backs and are in our corner. I hope you can be that person for someone today.

I believe in you.


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