Create a Better World for More People: A Futurist’s TEDx Call to Action

R2 at TEDxBeaconStreet

(posted by Stephanie of Team NGC)

Exciting news from Team NGC! Rebecca has a chance of appearing on after presenting her talk about politics and social change at the world’s most prominent TEDx event, TEDxBeaconStreet .  Her talk, “Create a Better World for More People: A Futurist’s Call to Action” was recently released to the public and we could not be more excited to share it with you all! Check it out here:

Rebecca gave her TEDxBeaconStreet talk on November 14, 2015, following an invitation in August from the event’s founder, John Werner. Team NGC traveled to Boston to be a part of this is a two-day event that hosted 80 speakers, 2,500 audience members, and was simulcast to 150,000 viewers in over 100 countries.  TEDxBeaconStreet’s videos have been viewed over 3 million times; the event is considered a key feeder to, the signature conference dedicated to sharing “ideas that matter” and attended by the world’s luminaries.

Rebecca’s talk, “Create a Better World for More People: A Futurist’s Call to Action,” focuses on the cycle of economic and social seasons in America. “We are in winter now,” Rebecca states, referring to the “frozen” nature of politics and social change, “but spring is coming.” She referred to America’s three previous winter-to-spring cycles and highlighted people and organizations that are catalyzing spring today.  “Winter comes to recreate, to rethink, to regenerate.  It only comes once every 4th generation and every time in America’s history we have managed to come through winter into a country that works better for more people. Will you join us?” Highlighted in her talk is Madison, Wisconsin-based Mentoring Positives, a nonprofit organization that has launched Off the Block Salsa to help African American youth find a positive outlet for their energy and passions.

Now, we hope that YOU and all your people will watch this video! If we can get 10,000 views, we have a chance of being featured at, which would be amazing.

12238500_1009549732441422_1194901603764945303_o-2Also at Beacon Street, Rebecca was invited to co-host the Sunday morning slate of speakers, sharing the stage with R2D2, the robot from Star Wars. Rebecca reports that, “He was an excellent co-host, but I had to spend a lot of time interpreting his beeps and whistles.”
Here are a few other shots from our time in Boston. Holler at us with your thoughts, questions, ideas, favorite signs of spring (#springiscoming)… we’d love to hear from you!

Setting up the stage!

Tech Rehearsal

Roving the streets of Boston with our film crew.


Fall in Boston could not have been prettier.

On campus at MIT.


One of the viewing rooms at Beacon Street. Why don’t all conferences have bean bag chairs??

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Our boys! The amazing film crew, from left to right… Keenan Hock, Mike Pazkill, and Rob Sax).

Photo Nov 14, 12 44 27 PM

TEDxBeaconStreet crew. <3



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