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Dear Community Leaders and Change Makers,

A couple years ago, I was running ragged, trying to do more, and be more, because our communities need us.

You feel it, too. We are in a moment of deep change – our climate, our institutionalized racism, our education gaps. The promises that were made by previous generations aren’t being kept for our kids. And we’re the bridge.

Those of us alive in this moment have a monumental task: to show up differently, to host wiser conversations, to take different actions that get different results. This is the work we’re on this planet to do.

But dammit, I was tired!

And then I met Ginny Whitelaw, NASA scientist and Zen Master, who taught me many of the “flips” of Zen leadership:

  • How to stop “coping” with situations and start “transforming” them through my presence;
  • How to go from “playing in my strengths” to “strengthening my play”;
  • And, ultimately (still working on this) how to flip from letting my ego lead me, to leading with my whole, boundless self.

Ginny’s “flips” changed my perspective on my ability and my impact, and together, Ginny and I launched CitiZen: a Zen approach to leadership development for our cities. Ginny teaches the “flips” of Zen Leadership, and I facilitate a discussion about the future of cities.

There are still a few seats left for the 2016 program, May 12-15 in Spring Green, WI.

“This program helped transform me so that I can unleash the transformative potential of my organization.” – Paul Meyer, Executive Director, North Carolina League of Municipalities and 2015 CitiZen Alum

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Hey, you. If you’re still reading, something about this program is speaking to you.

Maybe you feel the gap between what you believe you’re capable of doing, and what you’re currently doing. Or maybe you just feel stuck, like you’ve topped out in your effectiveness. CitiZen is for you! I am 100% committed to help you be the most effective and transformative change maker you can be. CitiZen is one way Ginny and I can help you do that, to help you be the kind of fearless, transformative change agent our communities need you to be.

Take a peek:

Take the plunge – register:


Rebecca Ryan

PS. Scholarships are available. Please holler at me if you’d like to explore that option.


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