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New America works on Environmental Justice at the E. Michigan Environmental Action Council

Both the GOP and the traditional environmental movement are filled with older white people, all focused on each other. And if they don’t do something to diversify, they will die. Here are four root causes of how the environmental movement is falling short, and how a sister “environmental justice” movement is taking root.

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America conveniently puts God on its masthead but in the fine print, we’ve been treating His creation with disregard. We’ve invented and championed modern industrialism, the “take-make-waste” economic system where we take natural resources like water to make textiles that we buy and eventually discard or waste. Each year, Americans toss sixty-eight pounds of clothes alone, the equivalent weight of a ten-year-old-kid. For America to regenerate, we must upgrade our relationship to our planet and our natural resources.

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A couple weeks ago, our Next Generation team sat around and chatted about energy over lunch. Today we present you with some choice pickings from our discussion.

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We believe that our world’s resources are becoming more scarce and our planet is becoming more taxed. We need more people who are asking “What is my job on the planet?”

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Al Gore shares the same enviromental values as Millennials. So why doesn’t he have a mob of them? If you want to engage Millennials, you have to be optimistic, and mobilize them to work for something.

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